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HEIghten Critical Thinking and Written Communication assessments allow colleges and universities to measure the outcomes of general education programs and to use the resulting data to improve curriculum.

The critical thinking assessment measures a student’s ability to:

  • evaluate evidence and its use
  • understand implications and consequences
  • analyze and evaluate arguments
  • understand causation and explanation
  • develop sound and valid arguments

The written communication assessment addresses four major areas including:

  • social and rhetorical knowledge
  • domain knowledge and conceptual strategies
  • language use and conventions
  • the writing process

HEIghten Critical Thinking and Written Communication assessments will be administered to UNC Charlotte students enrolled in UWRT 1102 who elect to participate between March 16th and March 27th, 2015. The online assessment will take about 60 minutes and will be administered in Barnard 101 Computer Lab. Students will need to bring their UNC Charlotte Student ID, a pen and scratch paper to the test.