Sophomore Survey

The Sophomore Survey was most recently administered in April of 2016. The survey is sent to second semester sophomores with 45-59 earn credit hours, with at least 30 hours earned at UNC Charlotte. The UNC Charlotte Office of Institutional Research is responsible for collecting these data. The purpose of this survey is to collect information from early-career undergraduates, including about their satisfaction with their academic experiences, academic and administrative services on campus, co- and extra-curricular activities on campus, and their overall experiences as UNC Charlotte undergraduates. Use the links below to navigate through the survey data.

Survey respondents

Academic environment

Administrative staff and services


Career Center staff and services

Cocurricular experiences


IT services

Library staff and services

Student jobs

Tutoring and academic assistance services

Overall experience at UNC Charlotte

Additional details about this survey may be available. Kindly email your request.

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