Scholarship of Assessment Grant Recipients

Scholarship of Assessment Grant Recipients


2019 Recipients

Social Work Undergraduate Curriculum Mapping
Amy Peters - Assistant Director & Senior Lecturer

Sonyia Richardson - Clinical Assistant Professor & BSW Program Director

Project Description - A curriculum map conducted by the Bachelor of Social Work Program Committee uncovered areas of misalignment with respect to course outcomes, course content, and assessments.  Based on those results, the following were completed for two 3000-level courses: 1) alignment between revised course objectives, module learning objectives, learning tools, and assignments, 2) revisions and the creation  of standardized rubrics to rate student knowledge and/or skill development, and 3) the alignment of course syllabi revisions to the curriculum map.  A blueprint for Canvas pages and master syllabi were developed for use by any faculty member teaching these courses (hyperlink Powerpoint).

Assessing the impact of new curriculum on open and transparent practices in the Department of Psychological Science
Douglas Markant - Assistant Professor

Alexia Galati - Assistant Professor

Project Description -  The aim of this project was to develop and validate an instrument that would be used to assess conceptual understanding of open, transparent, and reproducible research practices. New lecture materials, including hypothetical scenarios faced by a researcher, science consumer, or other stakeholders, were developed and taught based on three student learning objectives: (1) recognize problems caused by current incentives and norms in science, (2) identify questionable research practices that undermine the robustness of the scientific literature, and (3) identify and select open science solutions to address these problems. Student learning gains were assessed prior to and after the material was introduced (hyperlink Powerpoint). 

Improving Student Learning in General Chemistry II through Development and Recurring Assessment of Learning Objectives
Kathy Asala - Chemistry Teaching Professor

Project Description -  The goal of the project was to gain insight about the course design in order to understand how to student’s learning and retention of knowledge in the General Chemistry II course.  Students were surveyd about their perspectives on whether the in-class activities connected with the guided-inquiry activities used in assessing students' knowledge.  The survey results demonstrated that students did not think that there was a close match between what they spent their time on during class with what they were being asked to do on exams.  As a result, changes were made to instructional practices for the  course (hyperlink Powerpoint). 

Data Analysis Report of the Cato College of Education Prospect For Success Inquiry Project
Erik Jon Byker - Associate Professor, Department of Reading and Elementary Education

Amy Good - Associate Professor, Department of Reading and Elementary Education 

Chris O’Brien - Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director for General and Adapted Special Education in the Department of Special Education and Child Development

Project Description -  The purpose of the project was to investigate the impact of the Cato COED Prospect for Success (PFS) Inquiry Project assignment in meeting the Inquiry Project PFS rubric and the student learning outcomes (SLOs) related to Curiosity. Data from the inquiry project assignment for three separate cohorts was analyzed.  Results indicated that 1) students were successful with the inquiry project, 2) the inquiry project encouraged growth in students’ confidence posing inquiry questions, going through the inquiry process, analyzing data, connecting new knowledge to previous knowledge, and overall understanding of inquiry process, and 3) more direct instruction of assignment expectations and support writing a literature review was necessary.  The team will contribute more class time explainng the project assignment and provide support from the Atkins Library in developing skills in writing aliterature review (hyperlink Powerpoint).

2018 Recipients

Capstone Course Design & Student Learning Outcomes in the Department of Theatre 
Kaya Dunn - Assistant Professor of Acting

Tom Burch - Assistant Professor of Scenic Design 

Lynne Conner - Chair & Professor, Department of Theatre

Elena Payne-Wiens - Assistant Dean for Advising & Assessment

Project Description -  The Theatre Department submitted and received approval for an extensive curricular redesign of the existing B.A. in Theatre, creating a new 19-credit-hour “core” and four new concentrations in addition to the existing Theatre Education Concentration.  As part of the new curriculum,  each new concentration added a new, dedicated Senior Capstone course.  Two Theatre faculty developed syllabi, course packets, resources and recommended assignments, and created student learning outcomes rubrics for two new Capstone courses. 

Scientific Writing Assessment in the Department of Biological Sciences 
Carrie Wells - Lecturer in Ecology and Biogeography

Project Description - Carrie developed a Scientific Writing course meant to introduce students to scientific writing and communication skills early in their academic careers in biology and encourage them to practice and incorporate these skills in other biology courses.  She examined the four previous semesters of this course’s outcomes.  The results were used to better align all course activities and assessments to the Department of Biological Sciences learning outcomes involving written and oral communication, to make updates to the course syllabus and schedule, and to provide additional scaffolding and sequencing of assignments.

2017 Recipient

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Curriculum Mapping
Cindy Fox - 
Lecturer in Marketing

Project Description - The Undergraduate Curriculum and Assurance of Learning Committee (UCALC) of the Belk College of Business completed a curriculum mapping exercise for the undergraduate BSBA core learning goals.  Cindy and the College's Assessment Director engaged in collaborative project with the Office of Assessment and Accreditation to identify a process for how to use the results for improvement. They identified best practices and made recommendations on how to expand on upon the work. Information about the curriculum mapping process, gap analysis, and next steps were presented to colleagues (hyperlink Powerpoint).