Thinking Strategically – Implementing Actions Plans

Strategic Planning is Ongoing

The landscape is ever-changing and units must be aware of both internal and external factors to achieve university goals and stay true to the mission. Has your unit reviewed strategic goals, actions plans, and assessment measures for the academic year? Are there changes in the environment that may help or hinder progress towards your goal this year?

Begin this year with a quick review….

Take a moment to review your strategic goals and reaffirm or revise your action plans. Keep in mind that unit goals are related to the next higher reporting level goals. Completing your goals impacts the attainment of university goals.

Review your goals and action plans to determine if…

  • Your effectiveness measures tell you how well your unit is achieving its goals
  • You set an incremental target for this year’s goal (in light of the 5-year plan)
  • There been changes that impact the assignment of persons responsible for the assessment of your goals
  • You have the resources required to meet your goals

Check out these resources for help