CLAS Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) engages students in such a way that allow them to “stretch their innate talents as they explore new concepts and gain a solid grounding in liberal arts and sciences and in emerging fields of study. By the time our students graduate, they are prepared for leadership and service and equipped with the tools for success, wherever they choose to live and work.”

Overall in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students are meeting the written and oral communication expectations of their degree programs.

At the end of each academic year, programs submit annual assessment plans and reports that detail which outcomes were assessed, how, when, and where they were assessed. The reports also details what types of artifacts will be collected and how it will be evaluated. An artifact is the product or work that a student produces. Each program establishes an acceptable target for student achievement such as “70% of student will earn a score of 80 or higher on the assessment.” The results of the assessment act as one source of evidence about student learning. Depending on the results, program faculty are encouraged to use the results to inform decisions about the improvement of teaching and learning.

CLAS Program Assessment Results