College of Health and Human Services Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

CHHS Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

At the end of each fall, programs submit annual SLO assessment plans and each spring, programs provide SLO reports that provide data on the assessed outcomes. These reports include a description of the effectiveness measure, information on the scaffolding of learning that takes place prior to assessment, the methodology of assessing the SLO and sharing the data with the program’s constituents, and a reflection on the learning process, as well as, any proposed changes to be implemented as a result of the SLO data trends. Each program establishes an acceptable target for student achievement such as “80% of students will obtain a rating of “meets” or “exceeds” on the assignment rubric.” The results of the assessment act as one source of evidence about student learning. Click here to see examples of SLOs and their assessment in the College of Health and Human Services (CHHS).