Chemistry BS with Biochemistry Option student learning outcome statements

Assessment Plans:
  • The student learning outcomes are assessed in fall and spring semesters in alternating annual cycles.
  • American Chemical Society Standardized Exams, Lab experiments, embedded questions on comprehensive final exams, and rubrics
Acceptable Targets:
  • Accurate measurements -75% of the students assessed will perform the experiment accurately
  • Physical Chemistry – 70% of the students assessed will meet or exceed target
  • Inorganic Chemistry – 70% of students assessed will meet or exceed target
  • Oral and written Communication: 80% of the students assessed will meet or exceed target
Use of Learning Evidence
  1. Preliminary exercise for performing multilinear regressions and error analysis was introduced.
  2. Emphasize and explain the key concepts and applications in the use of Valence Bond, Molecular Orbital and Crystal Field Theories to predict and explain the bonding, structures, and physical properties of inorganic compounds and coordination complexes.
  3. Required each student to practice his/her seminar with his/her advisor at least three days prior to the seminar presentation date.

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